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How to Store & Prepare Asparagus

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Step 1: Trim the Ends

As soon as your box of fresh asparagus arrives, the first step is to unpack your asparagus and trim the ends. The surprising thing is that these ends are totally edible, so don't discard them! Some people opt for the snapping method to remove the ends, but this often results in discarding more of the asparagus that is, in fact, very edible. So, it's a good practice never to throw away asparagus ends. When cooked correctly, they can be just as delicious as their more tender counterparts.

Step 2: Place Them in a Jar of Water

The next step is to place the trimmed asparagus spears in a jar of water. This simple but effective technique rehydrates the asparagus and gives it a new lease of life. Some people choose to put a sandwich bag and elastic band around the jar at this point, but we found this not necessary. Keeping them in the fridge, in the water, is perfectly fine until they are ready to be used.

By following these two steps, you can ensure your asparagus stays crisp and fresh for days, even weeks. These methods help you make the most out of your asparagus and minimise waste. Plus, elongating its fridge life gives you more opportunities to eat those tasty spears.

Two Ways With Asparagus Trimmings

Asparagus Risotto, Stalks & All
Carrot Hummus, With Carrot Top & Asparagus Ends Salsa


How to Store & Prepare Asparagus

To leave them on the bench, place them in the fridge, or use the water and sandwich bag technique? Here are the answers on how to store asparagus.

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